Shocking: Husband returned home only to find another man having s*x with his wife

EagleHeadline | Jun. 20, 2017

A Kenyan man identified as Bernard Odhis, who found his wife in bed with another after returning unannounced, cut the offender and walked away with a slice of his buttock, SDE reports.

Bernard Odhis last week travelled from his workplace in Nairobi unannounced and went straight to Nyalenda Five Way’s estate only to find strange clothes and shoes on his sofa set.

According to Caleb Ochieng, a neighbour, Odhis left his house the moment he steeped in straight to a neighbour’s house and asked for a panga. He lied that he had sighted a wild animal in his house.

“He breathed heavily and never responded to those who cared to know what the cause of the panting was. He only managed to lie that he had to kill a snake hiding in his bedroom,” said the witness.

He got the panga then ran back into his house and into the bedroom to find his wife of many years, Linda, lost in the passion of the moment with another man, in his bed.

A loud wail that awoke the Nyalenda neighbourhood was then heard as a man dashed out naked with blood oozing from his head and behind. He fell to the ground unable to bear the pain of deep cuts. Residents helped him board a motorbike but the groans he produced made them seek alternative means of transport to hospital.

“We assisted the man to the hospital but had to change the mode of transport since he could not seat upright as his buttocks had been sliced severely with a deep opening that hindered him from seating upright, the man was writhing in pain,” said a neighbour.

He added: “He has been a regular visitor to the woman and we thought that they were related in a way, it was hard to imagine anything unbecoming between them.”

Odhis told Residents that he had been notified that there was a stranger fond of visiting his house whenever their son was dropped off at a local school, and whom his wife had never talked about.

“I work in Nairobi. I have received several phone calls that he visits while my son and I are not around. I laid a trap and left a mark after getting him in bed with my wife,” said Odhis.

He added that he sliced his torso to teach him a lesson but had to put a permanent reminder on the man by slashing his buttocks because “the area takes long to heal.”

That way, he said holding a piece of a flesh. “The incident would forever remain in his thoughts and would never ever date a married woman.”

His wife was lucky to escape in the ensuing tussle of the two men with only a few scratches. Odhis is at large after getting wind that authorities are looking for him for causing bodily harm to another person and for taking the law into his own hands.

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2017-06-17 05:25:44 Nigeria
The man is a goodest man on earth ...please don't say it makes law out of his hand oooo he does the right thing ...wagbayi..joor
2017-06-15 17:37:53 France
Serves the animal right.... One can never go scot free after fucking a married woman.
2017-06-15 16:20:15 Sweden
Hmm. is lucky Eve is me. I Rece my case?
2017-06-15 10:14:58 Turkey
All of you saying cut of the penis, breast etc check your self have you not in one way or the other been involved in sexual act before whether as single or married it is all the same sin factor sin is sin. We should repent and receive Christ that is the only way to live out of this sexual desires and lost. When the urges for sex comes it is the available person that gives it but they grace of God is what gives you power over this
2017-06-14 19:43:22 Somalia
Hmm i can't think far for that stupid woman...shame on her..she need to be sacked from the house or else you will be killed by her in no time..
2017-06-14 19:15:54 Burkina Faso
He got it right. He should send the stupid wife away, in short end the marriage.
2017-06-14 18:12:36 Russia
That serves the womanizer right since he could have the gods to come into someones matrimonial bed to sleep with someones wife that serves him right also its like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth good man
2017-06-14 17:05:58 Gambia
A good teacher a work well done
2017-06-14 22:50:21 Ireland
U are right. The distance between them is more than500km drive and that husband expects yje wife to wait for him. He didn't marry her to take care of his home the village ,,"""
2017-06-14 20:11:12 The Asia Pacific Region
Guy you wicked oo. You for just kill am instead of taking off his cock shaft
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