Murang’a residents shocked after cow delivers calf with two heads and five legs

Tuko News | Oct. 18, 2018

- The cow had a 12 hour labour only to deliver a calf with deformities

- According to the owner, a veterinary was forced to administer artificial insemination

- She explained the cow had not shown any sign to suggest it will deliver a deformed calf

- The calf however did not live long as it died a few hours after being born

- The incident has left residents in disbelief as it is the first time to experience such

Residents of Gitiri village within Nga’araria Ward, Muraga County are in shock after a cow belonging to one of the farmers sired a calf with rare bodily defects.

The calf which was sired on Wednesday, October 17, morning had two heads, five legs, two backbones and two tails and belonged to Joyce Wanjiku.

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The calf had two heads, five legs, two backbones and two tails . Photo: Mark Wachira

Together with her son, Kamau Kaombi, she decided to keep vigil at the cowshed to assist the cow.

She, however, explained the cow had a prolonged labour which prompted her to call a veterinary officer who lives nearby.

The cow had a prolonged labour which prompted the owner to call a veterinary officer who lives nearby. Photo: Mark Wachira.

According to Muthoni, the veterinary had earlier on administered artificial insemination to the animal

“It was around 9.00pm and he advised us that all was well and that it was not yet time for calving and we opted to wait," narrated Muthoni

"The cow was in pain but after it exceeded, I told my son to summon a boda boda rider to go and get the veterinary officer form his home but he declined to come and said he will come during day break," she added

The deformities in the calf made the delivery to take long as it was hard to pass through the birth canal forcing the farmer to pull it out. Photo: Mark Macharia

The farmer said the deformities in the calf was making it hard to pass through the birth canal and they had to pull it at around 9.00am but died few hours later.

When it came out, she almost broke into a run as that was not the calf she expected from her cow that had sired two times previously.

Her son said he was equally perplexed and said all through the cow did not register any signs to suggest it would bring forth a calf that was deformed.

Similar sentiments were echoed by his uncle,John Njoroge, who is a night guard and said he went back home in haste from work after he was told the cow was having problems in giving birth.

The incident became a crowd puller with many people trooping to the home to see the rate creature.

Hiti Mwaganu from Ng’araria village said he rushed to the home to witness as he had heard such occurrences in the past in other parts of the country but never thought it would occur near his locality.

Story by Mark Wachira, eagleee Correspondent

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