‘I f***ing killed my sister’: Teen arrested after live-streaming fatal crash

EagleHeadline | July. 26, 2017

An 18-year-old woman who allegedly caused a crash that killed her younger sister – a tragic incident which was also live-streamed on Instagram – has been arrested by police in California.

Obdulia Sanchez from Stockton, south of Sacramento, was booked into Mercer County Jail on charges of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter while under the influence, KFSN reported.

The suspect’s 14-year-old sister was killed in the crash while another girl of the same age from Fresno, south of San Jose, was badly injured.

Neither were wearing seatbelts, according to Mercer County Sheriff Vern Warnke.

18-year-old woman arrested after livestreaming deadly crash that killed her sister https://t.co/j5kzUEH7Jypic.twitter.com/s0FN4s8oK0

— WSVN 7 News (@wsvn) July 24, 2017

Police say they are investigating a graphic video posted on Instagram that may have been taken by Sanchez prior to and during the fatal crash, according to KTXL.

BREAKING: CHP says suspect who live streamed deadly crash near Los Banos is refusing to talk to investigators. pic.twitter.com/jgvF3TceUv

— Sontaya Rose (@SontayaRose) July 24, 2017

The footage shows Sanchez singing along to music before the car swerves and overturns in a field.

"Hey, everybody, if I go to f***ing jail for life, you already know why," she can be heard saying after crash and then panning her camera over to her dying sister.

"My sister is f***ing done. Look, I f***ing love my sister to death. I don't give a f***. Man, we about to die," she says before appearing to kiss her sister and then shake her. "This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us, but it just did. Jacqueline, please wake up!"

"I f***ing killed my sister, OK," she says. "I know I'm going to jail for life, all right? I understand that. This is the last thing I wanted to happen, OK? All right, I don't f***ing care at all. I'm going to hold it down. I love you, rest in peace, sweetie. If you don't survive baby, I'm so f***ing sorry. Baby, wake up, baby, wake up, baby."

Sanchez's sister, Jacqueline, was supposed to celebrate her birthday Sunday. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral expenses.

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2017-07-26 20:57:55 Nigeria
Fucking Stupid! Wonder what is wrong with this young generation. Is it the love for thrills, excitement, drugs, alcohol or just plain stupidity. And America has the highest percentage of teens out of control.
2017-07-27 08:04:55 France
Now this is crazy
2017-07-26 18:03:25 Mali
One of a kind incident. Awkward
2017-07-26 18:57:48 Ireland
This is so tragic and weird. I hope antisocial media peeps don't add this to their campaign and list of reasons.
2017-07-26 20:31:43 Uganda
This is fucking shit, what is my benefits after I killed my sister? Oh sorry for your self.
2017-07-26 19:59:00 Togo
Its so crazy m sorry
2017-07-26 18:31:14 Italy
2017-07-27 05:29:51 Mexico
I need that ECG machine
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