Nigerian lady kicked off Turkish flight due to assaulting air hostess

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

A Nigerian lady got booted out of a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Abuja for allegedly attacking a female air hostess on Tuesday.

According to reports, trouble started after the Nigerian asked the white hostess to give her water, but the hostess refused because the flight had not taken off.

After a while, the Nigerian lady confronted the hostess and asked her for water again to which she obliged saying: "It's not time to give out water, we give out water after the flight takes off not before take off".

The lady was said to have smashed the cup out of the hostess' hand and spilled water on her body.

The hostess got angry and reported to the head pilot who immediately contacted the police to remove the lady from the plane.

Watch the video below:

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2017-06-06 05:34:08 Gambia
Turkish airline their hospitality is bullshit. I missed my flight 3 weeks ago while travelling to Kenya the help desk 214 is very disrespectful they told us we can't do anything thats coz we were blacks. The good thing took videos am back in Europe now wanna expose them. Shame on Turkish airline help desk instabul.
2017-06-02 17:31:40 United States
She thought she was in Nigeria. She displayed her useless arrogance and paid the price. Why did she not buy water and drink at the waiting area. Kudos to the airline authorities for throwing her off the plane.... I hope she was arrested and charged so that she can learn some humility lessons.
2017-06-06 18:07:10 Gabon
Please will someone educate me what is a right:hitting employees for regulations governing service?sounds exciting
2017-06-06 17:23:13 Turkey
This very stupid to kick the lady out of the Turkish flight ,she needed water ,all the air hostess need to do is to save the Nigerian lady the water she demanded. Who know what the Nigerian lady was going through at that moment.which law says water is only serve when the plane takes off,so must she get down from the plane to go for water ,the air hostess deserves that, she looked down on her cuz she's African
2017-06-05 08:34:33 Indonesia
I am very shocked at the way,all the men here I read before writing mine approached this issue,in situation like this u don't talk like this,some white women do more than this home but they men protect them in public,this to me is no crimal,she has her right as per the humanitarian law,if the hostess gave her the water in first place ,this won't have happen,moreover she is entitled to water and we say water is life,you see my fellow men n sisters,when someone is hungry n he or she has nothing at the piont in time,n he or she ask or beg no no one gives him or her ,that person intend to steal in order to eat,now this woman is tasty n requested for water which is her right,there is no regulation on the flight ticket as to how many time one is to ask for water or???if am wrong than I stand to learn. Water water, the hostess should have serve but u see,that is they way,she is black n so let forget her,I have seen white women n men serve before ,serving n even served again after serving,so please even if the woman is wrong ,u just don't come out and talk like that,examine the situation, I wish I was on that plane,I won't have travel back to Nigeria no matter what,I will follow her n the Police out to see the out come n also stand for her,How I wished All the passengers on borlard would have said without her we won't go,she didn't fight,she didn't kill or rub or with drugs,she simply request for water my fellow men.u will even do worse if u were in her shoes.All the same two of them were all wrong at a point in time, please the team in charge of this page should follow the case and let us know what happen.Thank and Thank You All.
2017-06-06 05:48:53 The Asia Pacific Region
She wanted water by all means... she really got served! Common water that's why she disgraced entire the news did not single her name out, she's been referred to as Nigeria woman... If the so desperate water-takker is so in need of water and pleaded with the air hostess am so sure she will consider! FACT
2017-06-05 08:23:12 Saudi Arabia
The way some of you guys talked abt this Nigerian woman is very bad,I have seen whites do more than that and they go free,she need water n is her right as per to the humanitarian law before or after flight.
2017-06-03 18:34:41 Italy
We must learn to respect constituted authority. That serves her better. What they do to their husbands at home, they carry it outside. Please learn some good manners thank you
2018-04-13 15:28:09 Nigeria
that guy Micheal that said she thought she was in Nigeria is a cow someone should check his bp because something must be wrong with the fool... I'm in s flight already I get thirsty I want a drink should I get off the flight to buy water when am very thirsty or ask the flight attendant.. or maybe I was thirsty before getting into the flight I could decide if I get on the flight I could ask the attendant...and that attendant must be heartless I ask you thrice for water a free gift of nature and you keep saying till the flight takes off what's d difference ....if she was white you will have given it to her before she asked... you all are still slaves to the white but don't worry Nigerians has a president that's coming to fight for our true independence bc we can't be living treated as less
2017-06-06 18:13:01 Morocco
Please will someone educate me what is a right:hitting employees for following regulations governing service? Sounds exciting
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