Singer, 13-piece Bantu band to release album "Agberos International"

gossip | July. 06, 2017

The album explores and celebrates the complexities and contradictions of navigating the daily life in Lagos city.

Bantu Music Collective front man Ade Bantu together with band have released an album titled "Agberos International".

The album due to drop Friday, July 7, 2017 and housing 10 tracks is said to have drawn inspiration from the hustling and bustling nature of the city of Lagos residents.

"Agberos International" celebrates and explores the complexities and contradictions of navigating the daily life in the city of dreams and chaos.

The project features Fela Kuti's one time drummer Tony Allenand media personality Wana Wana.

The 13-piece award winning BANTU Music collective and founders of the critically acclaimed concert series Afropolitan Vibes, effortlessly weaves a playful and danceable collection of songs and sounds that alternate between the political and satirical without missing a beat thus cementing their status as one of the exciting live music experiences in Africa.

BANTU is a 13-piece Afrobeat, Afrofunk, HipHop musical collective which was founded by Ade Bantu. The band features multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who perform as a collective.

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