Do older women think they don't stand a chance with younger guys?

EagleHeadline | Aug. 04, 2017

I tend to be more attracted to older women and I'm always flirting with them. When I tell them I like older women some of them seem surprised and say they didn't think younger guys liked them or found them attractive. Some even feel like they can't compete with younger women. There are lots of younger man-older woman relationships yet a lot of older women seem to think it's rare for guys to be into them.

Do you think older women feel like they don't stand a chance?

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2018-01-22 21:45:36 Cameroon
well l share a true story with yo all .since l started dating at 16 all the women l dated were arleast 10 years above me .they started to come after me then later l started going after them .am 27 now.what l love about them is that their so supportive,good at doing the house work ,hardly complain when times are rough they just manage and they can be quite honest.l love older women.
2017-12-13 19:42:32 Ivory Coast
2017-10-15 16:34:45 Uganda
they luk hopeless because of age
2018-02-21 20:13:47 Niger
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