Prefer having a male boss or female boss? why?

A male boss or a female boss? Which do you prefer? Which will make you easier at work?

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2017-07-14 12:02:09 Germany
A boss is a boss. Someone you do things for. And those things don't benefit them either. They benefit the corporation you're both working for. It doesn't matter if it's a male or a female. What matters is whether they are fit to be bossing around, or not.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Niger
Male. Women are not logical thinkers in anyway there's plenty of examples of that. Just look at Olivia from love island "Why did he go after Tyla?" (As Tyla sobs at the loss of her boyfriend) [Hmmm I don't know maybe because he's a nice guy looking after her like a normal human being] this sort of logic girls have which isn't an effective way to lead so male.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Brazil
It doesbt matter. In my experience I've had maby male and female bosses. Both can be great or terrible. What matters is they are organised and understanding.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Uganda
I've had way no problems with female bosses and as an added bonus they were all sexy. I've had several male bosses who were major assholes or weirdos. In my industry (tech) female bosses are rare but I had a bunch in other industries when I was younger and now I work with female bosses in other departments.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Burundi
I've had female bosses most time and it's worked fairly well for me. Just once I've had a male boss that made sense to me. However, I'd still not be gender specific or choosy on it. We have no choice over it nor do I go looking for it. I ride the wave as it comes in.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Netherlands
I don't care the gender, if he or she is skilled I'll have respect. just as long as there is no "funny business" in the office, after hours I font care but in the office one should be working.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Netherlands
Definitely a male. Women generally seem like they feel as though they have something to prove and, as a result, overreact, or are overly sensitive to, minor issues that a male would barely even consider worthy of notice.
2017-07-14 12:02:09 Pakistan
I'd rather have a male boss. Female ones get too emotional. I also feel more comfortable being blunt and in my experience if you get into an argument/disagreement with a man over what is best, he can move past it much more effectively than a woman.
2018-02-15 22:22:48 Guinea
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2017-07-14 12:02:09 Liberia
I've had quite a few of both, and I've had good and bad experiences with both. I've probably had the BEST and the WORST experiences with women, while the men tended to be closer to the average.
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